What You Should Know About Tonight’s Super Moon, Blood Moon & Lunar Eclipse


Tonight, September 27th 2015, at 8:07 PM eastern time earthlings will have the privilege of experiencing a rare total lunar eclipse, super moon and blood moon all in one.

Don’t miss this amazing celestial dance, it hasn’t been seen since 1982 and wont be seen again until 2033!

Before heading to your backyard and cranking your lounge chair all the way back (skyward facing) take a few minutes, read this article and understand what makes this eclipse so special and why it would be criminal to miss it.

What’s the difference between a blood moon, a super-moon, and a total lunar eclipse?

Blood moon: During a  lunar eclipse the moon turns dusty red since more blue sunlight is scattered by the earth’s atmosphere, so that the light reaching the lunar surface will be mostly red, and will show an eerie red light across most of the earth.

Super-moon: occurs when the moon is at its  closest point  to the earth (about 226,000 miles), giving it the appearance of looking 14% larger and 30% brighter.

Total lunar eclipse: occurs when the earth, sun and full moon are perfectly aligned. When this happens the earth’s shadow blocks the sun’s light, which otherwise reflects off the moon.

To understand this concept a little deeper, The earth casts two shadows that fall on the moon during a lunar eclipse: The umbra is a full, dark shadow. The penumbra is a partial outer shadow. The moon passes through these shadows in stages. The first and final stages, when the moon is in the penumbra shadow, are not very noticeable, so the best part of an eclipse is during the middle of the event, when the moon is in the umbra shadow.


Blood Moon’s & Superstition

Throughout the ages blood moons have been viewed as evil omens by certain religions and  superstitious people. Tonight’s blood and super moon will have significant meaning since it will mark the completion of four total consecutive eclipses in a series of 6 month intervals known as a “ tetrad”.

Where can you see tonight’s  blood-moon, super moon, and total lunar eclipse?

Tonight’s  blood moon, super moon and total lunar eclipse will be witnessed by nearly half of our planet in the western hemisphere, Europe , Africa, and western Asia!  

In addition, tonight’s amazing celestial events will be broadcasted live via webcast on live.slooh.com and on space.com (courtesy of Slooh).

Do you need a telescope to see a lunar eclipse?

The only thing you will need to see tonight’s eclipse is your own two eyes and comfy chair. If you want a closer look at the moon a good pair of binoculars or a telescope will definitely enhance your experience. If you don’t already have a telescope and are looking to buy one, today is a great day to do it.

Zoe’s Top 3 Quick Picks: Telescope

  1. Reflector Telescopes: Celestron NexStar 130SLT 
  2. Refractor Telescope: Meade StarNavigator 102 
  3. Hybrid Telescope: Celestron NexStar 4SE 

Now that you understand the importance of tonight’s eclipse, and why it would be criminal to miss it, go ahead crank those lounge chairs skyward and have a wonderful Sunday evening.


Zoe Green

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