What to Know Before You Go on Vacation


Have you ever had a dream that you were naked in an unfamiliar place, and surrounded by unfamiliar people? I have.

While this is a common dream, dreamt by most human beings at some point in their lives, we all want to make sure that it is only a dream and doesn’t happen to us on our next vacation.

One might wonder, ”What and how does this dream have anything to do with my next vacation”?

I can assure you that if you don’t “know before you go”, then you might as well be naked in an unfamiliar place, and surrounded by unfamiliar people.

How can we confidentially go on vacation without that nagging feeling of forgetting something important?

What to know before going on your next vacation?


  1. Climate


Be ready for rain , sleet, snow, and even a little sunshine !

Understanding the climate of your destination is essential before embarking on any journey.

For example If you are packing your best wool sweaters for an icy Alaskan summer vacation, think again. Alaskan summer temperatures can range between 80 F-90 F !

The further one ventures off the beaten path, the less likely it will be to find a shopping mall to outfit a new last-minute wardrobe.

Depending on the severity of the weather and nature of your trip, having climate appropriate clothing can be the difference between life and death.



  1. Security

From Creta aqarium

Regardless of your where your destination may be, it is always vital for one to be aware of the security of the country that they are about to visit.

After all, a relaxing vacation wont as enjoyable if it is in the middle of a civil war, right?

Additionally, one should also be well versed with any relevant safety precautions. Most security information can be found online, although it’s always best to check with your embassy.


  1. Health


National Health issues are not only a danger to a traveler; they also pose a danger to the country that the traveler calls home.

Please note that this subject isn’t limited to epidemic diseases, it also refers to the drinking water, as well as ways to prevent food poisoning and/or parasites.


  1. Local Customs


There are some places in the world where drunkenly passing out in a bar will imply that you are worthy of being the villagers’ next human sacrifice.

 Whether you’re about to be the main course of a ritual sacrifice or simply trying to broaden your cultural horizons it’s essential that a traveler be aware of local customs.


  1. The Wildlife


Having an understanding of the local wildlife is a subject that many travelers simply enjoy.

While this subject might be enjoyable to some travelers, it is also very important.

This is especially true if you intend to spend a good deal of your vacation hiking or camping. Knowing what animals will be sharing the outdoors with you is vital.

For example, if you intend to be camping in a place that has a notable bear population, it would make sense to prepare your food in bear canisters and take precautions to avoid bear attacks.


In other places, wild dogs (that are often infected with rabies) could pose a danger to your wilderness hike.


  1. Transportation


It goes without saying that transportation is a key ingredient to navigating your vacation.

Before planning a trip it’s vital that one understands the best means of navigating. This subject isn’t only relevant for driving but is also relevant for bikes, buses, trains, ferries, and planes.

If one is planning to buy a European train pass, it’s important to be aware if trains are plentiful in the region that they are planning to venture into.

For example, if one is planning a trip to Scandinavia’s Lapland, a place with very few trains, a Scandinavian rail pass would be useless.


  1. Maps


Although most of us rely on GPS and Google maps, I can’t stress enough how important it is to orient yourself with the country and place that you will be traveling in.

Can you imagine arriving in a foreign country, stepping into your rental car, and being unable to connect to WiFi or GPS? 🙂

What if you were camping in the wilderness and got lost, how would you find your way?

If one were to rely on a compass alone, they would most likely find it useless if they were unaware about what direction they needed to travel in.


In conclusion, if you don’t “know before you go”, you may find yourself proverbially naked in an unfamiliar place, and surrounded by unfamiliar people.

So, be sure to do your due diligence, and make sure that only your positive dreams become a reality 🙂

Zoe Green

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