Top 10 Reasons To Love Solo Travel

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It’s happened to most of us at some point or another.

After a crazy year of working or studying you finally scrape up enough money for that awesome vacation that you need so badly. You begin to plan and then spread the word to your friends, family and anyone that you could potentially imagine yourself happily spending an enjoyable time with. Everyone has comments and well wishes but whether it be for lack of time, money, or interest your vacation is inching closer and your traveling status is still “solo”.

What should you do?

A) Cancel the trip?

B) Reschedule?

C) Make adjustments where needed, smile, and enjoy the freedom of traveling solo!

Any real travel blazer should undoubtedly put their fears aside, hold their head high and embrace option “C”!

The thought of traveling solo might make you feel scared and overwhelmed at first, but once you bite the bullet and go it will be the most phenomenal experience of your life.

If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of solo travel then simply plan the trip as well as possible in advance and then just follow your own well planned schedule.

If being frightened is your inhibition just be sure to make yourself as well-informed as possible about the destination, be sure to have local contact numbers of your embassy, the police department, and a smart phone with enough data to manage basic GPS and calling functions. The bottom line is that if you are visiting a restful country, take the proper precautions, and of course using some good old-fashioned common sense, you’re in as much danger as you would be taking a walk around the block in your own neighborhood!

Instead of worrying about all the things that might go wrong, why not get excited for all the wonderful things that are to come. Thoughts have power, if you think positive the outcome will be positive.


Top 10 Reasons To Love Solo Travel:


  1. Be FREE to do what you want when you want: As a solo traveler you wont have to negotiate and deal with the preferences your newfound travel buddy. You can do what you want when you want it: No more missing out on that awesome experience because your travel buddy insisted on calling her boyfriend for an hour.


  1. Carpe Diem/Seize The Day: Don’t push off your dreams just because someone else doesn’t have the time. Often in life we think, “I’ll do that some other time. Maybe tomorrow, next week or next year”. The only thing that is certain is the present, who knows what will be in the future. If you have the ability, time, and money to fulfill your dreams don’t delay because someone else doesn’t have the time, money, or the ability to commit to you. Seize the day and travel solo. 🙂
  2. Meet new people along the way: Just because you start solo it doesn’t mean that you’ll be solo for the entire journey. One of the best parts of traveling is the people you meet and keep up with along the way. Its easier to meet and connect with random people when traveling solo.
  3. Learn to depend on yourself: You will learn to depend on yourself in ways that you never thought were possible. After all if you find yourself lost, or in a tight squeeze, you will be surprised as to how fast you use YOUR entire mind to find the right of way, resolve the solution, and not depend on someone else.
  4. Meet The Real You: Often in the noise of everyday life we don’t take the time to listen to our inner self, organize thoughts, meditate, or just experience good old-fashioned silence. Traveling solo will relax your mind and give the real inner you the chance to be heard.
  5. Take a break from your usual façade: As a member of any community or society your friends, family, coworkers, house of worship, and local shop owners have most likely put you into a box of who they think you are and what they think can expect of you. Are you sick of being what society believes you to be? If you are, then there is no better way to temporarily escape it than traveling solo to some far off destination and to start as a fresh slate. The people you meet on your travels will only know about you what you choose to share with them. So step out of your shell and enjoy every moment while the world is at your fingertips.
  6. More availability: If you are just one person it’s easier to find availability (especially last-minute availability) at youth hostels, ticket reservations, flights, organized tours, travel deals, and any other situation with limited space.
  7. Spend less money: Yes that’s right, contrary to popular belief traveling solo can actually save you a boatload of money. Although most believe that traveling with someone is cheaper than traveling solo, (mainly due to the lower cost of double occupancy), they are forgetting the bigger picture. A solo traveler has full control of what and how money is spent. For example, if you are the type of person who would rather stay in a youth hostel and live on cheap street food and spend the majority of your budget on excursions and cheap flights, you have the freedom to do so. Alternatively you may opt to sleep and eat in the lap of luxury and stick to free or low-cost local travel deals.
  8. Flexibility: Imagine that you planned a high altitude Himalayan adventure with hiking and or climbing as the centerpiece of the trip. After a trying first day you decide that an active life at high altitude is not your cup of tea and would rather explore the area in a more relaxing way. As a solo traveler you have the freedom of changing your plans and the entire nature of your journey at the drop of a hat. If you were on that same Himalayan trip with someone else it wont be as easy to change the nature of the trip.
  9. The sky is the limit: You can do anything you set your mind to! Whether this is your first time traveling solo or the 100th, embrace your independence and love the journey that you are traveling. Being bold enough to travel solo is a treat that most are too fearful to enjoy. Don’t follow the flock, be your own unique wacky self and try something new, or at least a new attitude towards it. The world is there for you to enjoy 🙂


It has happened to most of us, we end up traveling solo or not traveling at all simply because your intended travel partner broke their commitment. Whether you are backpacking Europe or soaking in the sun on a beautiful tropical island go and enjoy your dream. Instead of sulking, seize the day, be free, and love solo travel.





Zoe Green

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