The Secret Of Miami Beach & The Coconut


There is something unique about the feelings and calm that the ocean stirs within us.

As I sit here on my beach towel I cant help but be mesmerized by the clear turquoise waves gently lapping on the white sand of North Miami Beach.


It’s truly amazing how life just melts away as I sit and absorb my sunny surroundings. There’s something uniquely comforting about nature that allows us to meditate and relax. Every minute I spend aside the clear waters and white sand of Miami beach another bit of calm replaces the day-to-day stress of every day life.

As I watch the gentle turquoise waters, a drenched coconut washes up on the shore.


Coconuts are not only a vital and delicious food for island people, they are also buoyant self-contained seeds that can survive a long time at sea before washing up and rooting itself on dry land. In fact due to their seafaring capabilities coconuts are responsible for most of the vegetation on solitary islands, beaches, and atolls.

I stood up and walked away from my sandy beach towel to inspect this legendary sea gypsy. Letting my imagination go wild, I pondered the distance and origin of this weathered coconut. Colors and tropical aromas filled my senses as I pictured the tropical island of its origin. My mind’s eye then drifted to the sea’s clear ultramarine waters and pictured this tiny coconut floating over countless coral reefs, pods of dolphins, schools of  grouper fish, and much more of the great mystery that is in our worlds oceans.


When I think of this small coconut drifting in the waters of this world, I contemplate that like the coconut, man and all of our vices are small and insignificant in size. Though small, we are self-contained seeds that through our interactions have the ability to create and populate our world with lush forests of great accomplishments.


Perhaps this allegory is what draws us to the ocean and allows our worries to drown into the depths of its great waters. Whatever the reason I challenge you to visit sunny Miami Beach and find the inspiration to uplift your soul and create your own forests of accomplishments.

Zoe Green

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