The Gem Of New York City-Central Park


Far away from the city lights and sounds, exists a peace of mind that can only be attained among the greenery of the natural world.

If you find yourself in New York City, and are itching to get away from it all, head straight to Central Park.


As I exited my hotel on west 91st street, & Broadway I couldn’t help but smile at the warm sun that was trying so hard to warm the freezing concrete New York City sidewalk.

A typical winters morning wouldn’t be compete without its buzzing pedestrian traffic that navigates the city’s gridlocked sidewalks and steamy packed subways cars. More than often, subway cars are so densely crowded that there’s no need to hold a handrail for balance.

Life is truly a constant high-speed chase in the Big Apple and is quite stressful at times.


The stress of living in this fast paced concrete jungle has been an anxious public concern since 1844. With the influence of people such as William Cullen Bryant and, Andrew Jackson Downing , New York state acquired 843 acres of land and created a solution –Central Park!

Literally the “green lung” of New York City, Central Park , is a great place for locals and tourists to relax and get away from the day-to-day stress of city life.

I entered the park on West 91st street, carefully avoiding some frozen puddles. As I waited for a group of breathless joggers to huff and puff past me, I couldn’t help but feel as if I were walking through an outdoor fitness center. I must admit that I have a great deal of respect for those that keep to their outdoor exercise routines in ice and snow 🙂


After the group had passed I continued on my way towards the “bridal path”.

As I walked downtown past the Jacquelyn Kennedy Onassis reservoir, a red-tailed hawk screeched and landed on a lonely tree branch. I stopped and watched the majestic bird consume its prey before continuing onwards.


Although this park is in the center of a bustling city, there are a large array of bird and animal life. Some of the feathered and furry inhabitants include Hawks , Owls , Chipmunks , Eastern Grey Squirrels , Raccoons and the nocturnal Virginia Opossum. In addition to its year round residents Central Park and its bodies of water are host to a countless array of migrating birds. Earlier this year I met what looked like a Penguin wading in the reservoir, but turned out to be a “look alike”- Black Crowned Night Heroin!

Black Crowned Night Herion black crowned night herion image

Continuing downtown, past the reservoir, I passed the famous“Swedish Cottage”, and approached the “Ramble”, which is known to be one of the best bird watching areas in Central Park.


Making a steep uphill left I arrived at the famous “Belvedere Castle”.

This beautiful little castle is the official Central Park weather station (since 1919). Its picturesque towers and rooms give it a distinctive old world feel that bring millions of visitors to its doorstep every day. Don’t forget to photograph its amazing panoramic views of turtle pond and the surrounding area.

As I continued southbound on the west side I approached the Oak Bridge that overlooks the side of the lake known as Bank Rock Bay. I joined the small crown of people standing on the bridge and enjoyed the most beautiful Central Park view I have ever seen!


If you ever find yourself in New York City, and are itching to get away from its noise and fast paced environment, head straight to Central Park. I guarantee that this beautiful park will pacify your mind and bring out the nature lover that exists inside of us all.






Zoe Green

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