The ABC’S Of Cruises


For most of history man has used ships to explore the four corners of the globe. In days of old, people would say goodbye to their families, board huge wooden sailboats, and sail away to strange new lands. Today we have many more options for transportation, yet there’s still something oddly romantic about packing your bags sailing  into the horizon. Have you ever seen a cruise promotion and considered trying it out?

Perhaps you should.

Which types of travelers enjoy cruises?

Cruises can be a great option for travelers of almost every budget. Backpackers can opt to sleep on deck and travel from place to place via cargo boat or ferry. “Budget day trippers” can shop around for discounts and last minute tickets on mainstream cruise lines. While Luxury travelers have the  option to pay top dollar to sail in the lap of luxury – which can also be purchased last minute or via special promotion for a discounted price. Unless you are bent on making your own way by land a cruise can be an excellent mode of travel.

Unlike the other modes of transport that I have discussed in previous articles a cruise includes lodging, mode of transportation, food, and SOMETIMES activities both on the boat as well as on shore. This factor most definitely minimizes the usual steps in trip planning .That being said it also makes the choice  of cruise that much more important. After all if you’re in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and decide that you don’t care for the cruise that you are on, simply stepping off and leaving in the middle is not so easily done.

Where can a cruise take me?

A cruise can take you almost anywhere that can be reached by a navigable body of water. Navigable bodies of water are not limited to oceans and seas but also include rivers, lakes, straits, fjords, and even some swamps. There are even some places in the  world that are easier to access by waterways than land or plane. An example of this is Greenland – most popularly visited by cruises as opposed to spending days on a snowmobile,  and infrequent plane routes (my personal preference of travel in this region is dog sled).

Which types of cruises are there?

  • Passenger cruises
  • Expedition Cruises
  • Family Cruises
  • Luxury Cruises with destination
  • Luxury Cruises without destination

Passenger cruises are mainly a mode of transportation from one place to another. This may include ferries, barges, and cargo ships. Some voyages can take a few days, while others can take a few hours. Usually this type of passage doesn’t come with lavish food and entertainment, but it can take its passengers to beautiful places that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Expedition cruises generally have a  pleasant and even luxurious onboard ambiance. These cruises are for the those who want BOTH a cruise and an active vacation. An example would be to take a “Polar Quest” Cruise. Passengers are based on the ship, however the main point  of the cruise is to explore the place that you are traveling to.

Family cruises are mainly geared towards the entertainment on the ship itself. Some cruises have a destination while others don’t. A good example of family cruises are the Disney Cruises.

Luxury cruises are extremely lavish and can be quite pricey. However, if you look at the right time and find the right deals, the cruise can be substantially discounted. Some luxury cruises go to sea and entertain their passengers only on board before traveling back to the home port. Other luxury cruises sail to a specific holiday destination while entertaining its guests on board.

In conclusion, cruises can be a great way to spend a relaxing and exciting holiday with your friends and family. Become a part of history! Step on board and explore the four corners of the globe .Just  be sure to have fun, stay safe ,and live your dreams!


Zoe Green

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