The 8 Best Places To Visit During Your Southern Hemisphere Summer Vacation

Do you live in the southern hemisphere?

If so then perhaps you have run into the dilemma of where to travel for your summer vacation (December-January).

That’s right, for those living north of the equator December-January is the height of winter and frosty winter holidays; while those living south of the equator are in the midst of summer.

It’s mind boggling right?

So where can those living (or traveling) south of the equator, vacation during the southern summer?

If you enjoy winter sports and don’t mind taking a long flight north, then options are plentiful, but what if you want to travel and still remain in summer?

If you live in the southern hemisphere where can you go for summer vacation?

1. Cape Town:

From Table Mountain to its colony of beautiful Jackass penguins, Cape Town is a treat for anyone with a taste for mountains, ocean, and remarkable beauty. Located in South Africa, and established by the East Indian Trading Company, Cape Town will offer you a fine blend of African and European culture wrapped up into one lovely city.

Before heading out the door here are just a few Cape Town treats not to be missed:



2. The Republic of Mauritius:

Uninhabited until 1638 this colorful island nation is known for its variety of colorful plant life and once was the home of the now extinct dodo bird. Just 1200 miles off the coast of Africa, this beautiful island has a lot of luxury resorts, white sandy beaches and a genuine break from the busy world .



3. Antarctica:

There are three ways to visit Antarctica:

  • Commercial cruises with shore excursions
  • Specialized land expeditions or sightseeing by air
  • Work programs offered at one of the international research stations based there throughout the year.


If any of these options sounds remotely viable to you, then be sure that you plan to visit the southern most part of the world during the summer (as there are no flights or cruises during the dark winter months). Whether you travel to Antarctica as an observer or to work at one of the research stations, you will be one of the privileged few to lay eyes on this majestic land of ice and wind.

There are no real concrete hotels on this icy continent, so cruise ships are the most common form of accommodation. Additionally, and less commonly, are the experienced few that camp in this icy wilderness.

If you are visiting to Antarctica as an employee for one of the international research stations, indoor accommodation is provided as part of the employment package.

There are a few Antarctic hotels close to Antarctica that offer food and accommodation for those beginning and completing Antarctic expeditions. Accommodations such as these are found in  Argentina, Tasmania, New Zealand, and Chile.

4. Argentina:

Argentina is a vast and enigmatic country.


Although it is located in the Southern hemisphere, the southern most portions are very cold even during the summer. Regardless, this beautiful country is a must see for anyone that has the time to visit it. Argentina is a country with much diversity and mind-blowing landscapes. In order to make the most of your trip it’s advisable that you leave enough time to visit at least one or more of the following locations.


Argentina offers a variety of accommodations ranging from rustic to luxurious. Regardless of your comfort level, a trip to Argentina will leave you with beautiful memories to last a lifetime.

5. South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands:


If you have a taste for exotic lands at the “ends of the earth”, then you will find that South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands are in fact one of the most remote places you can visit. With no permanent human population, sub Antarctic wildlife, rugged wilderness, and snow-capped mountains you will get a true taste of wilderness.

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands are sub Antarctic Islands that are administered by Great Britain. The only way to travel to and stay on these beautiful islands is by cruise ship. Guided land excursions are professionally organized and leave daily from your cruise liner.

6. Australia

 From the famous Great Barrier Reef, to the beautiful city of Sydney, and the rich aborigine culture, Australia is begging to be explored. There is so much to see and do in Australia , and with regular international flights, luxury hotels and remarkable beauty it would be criminal not to go.


Just to wet your palate, here are a few of places that you should be sure to check out while on your Austrailian vacation.


7. New Zealand


New Zealand is made up of a north and south island.

The south Island, is rugged with little infrastructure, and much beauty.

The Southern Alps, Franz Joseph Glacier, and the seismic city of Christchurch are just some of the places that make this one of the most beautiful countries in the world. There are roads and car rentals, but many locals prefer to travel over the dense temperate rainforests by small 4-6 seat airplanes.

The North Island of New Zealand is home to the majority of New Zealand’s population and large cities such as Auckland and Wellington. Though there is more infrastructure in the North Island (when compared to the South Island) there is no shortage of natural beauty. The Tongariro National Park and Rotura are examples of places in this world that you can step outside the hustle and bustle of everyday life and into the world of the Hobbits and Orks from Lord of The Rings.

Wherever you choose to travel in New Zealand, you wont be disappointed and will find yourself returning year after year to experience more of what middle earth has to offer!

8. Fiji


Fiji is a country in the South Pacific made up of more than 300 islands.

You’ve probablyseen pictures of Fiji in countless calendars and luxurious advertisements.

Luxury cabanas built into the shallow warm sea offers crystal clear natural swimming lagoons and out if this world sunsets. Why not go somewhere and treat your ears to the gentle ocean and the clank of your daiquiri glass as its lowered to your seaside balcony?

In addition to the crystal clear water, be sure to take advantage of ecotourism like zip lining, mountain climbing, and surfing.

Though known as one of the pricier destinations, booking well in advance will drastically reduce the price of a Fijian holiday. Fiji can be reached by cruise ship or airplane. Flights operated by Fiji Air offer the best value for tickets starting at $1,207.00 USD (leaving from Los Angeles). Royal Caribbean cruises departing from Sydney Australia offers 10 day cruises to Fiji for just $749.00 USD (base price).

Whether you live in the southern hemisphere or will be traveling to the southern hemisphere to escape the winter, be sure to visit the countries mentioned in this article.

Please let us know where your favorite southern hemisphere vacation is! 🙂













Zoe Green

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