Kiruna: King Of The Swedish Lapland


Kiruna is the northern most Swedish City, and situated in a remote region known as the Lapland. If you would like to experience life above the Arctic Circle then Kiruna is your one stop shop. In addition to the comforts of a modern city, it’s the perfect place to begin your journey further into the rugged Swedish Lapland.

So you might ask, “what can I do in Kiruna?”

Top Five Things You Must Experience in Kiruna:


  1. Kiruna Iron Mine:

Become a miner for the day and travel into the dark tunnels of the worlds largest mineshaft. Learn how and why iron is extracted, and how it has literally shaped the town situated directly above it!




  1. Ice Hotel:

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sleep in a hotel made entirely of ice?

Here’s your chance to experience life inside the worlds first well crafted hotel sculpted entirely of ice and snow!

Walls, floors, and ceilings carefully crafted from the ice and snow from one of Europe’s last wild rivers situated about 200 km north of the arctic circle . This spectacular hotel and work of art is a real gem of the Swedish Lapland.



  1. The Sami People

 Meet the remarkable Sami people!

The Sami people are the northernmost indigenous people of Europe. Their ancestral land comprises the area known today as Northern Scandinavia (the Lapland) and the Kola Peninsula of Russia.

There is no better way to get to know a place than to know its people. A trip to Kiruna would surely not be complete without getting to know the beautiful traditions and thriving culture of the local Sami population.

The best way for a tourist to get involved in Sami culture is to join one of the many organized tours led by a Sami tour guide. The most popular tours are visits to Sami reindeer ranches, dog sledding, and viewing the northern lights while listening to ancient legends around a crackling camp fire.



  1. The Northern Lights

During the wintertime mysterious lights brighten the dark arctic winter. Known as the “Northern Lights or the “Aurora Borealis”, these eerie lights illuminate the perpetual arctic night with colors of green, purple, and blue. Although the cause of these lights is still up for debate, most scientists agree that it has to do with how the suns solar flares interact with the magnetic pull of the earth.

Whether you choose to experience the Northern Lights with an organized tour or to simply watch them as you sit under the stars sipping a hot coco, I guarantee an experience of a lifetime!



  1. The Midnight Sun

Last but certainly not least, the midnight sun is in many ways the mascot of the arctic summer. What better celebrate the bright days of summer above the Arctic Circle by greeting the sun on the horizon at midnight?



 Getting there:


  • Train: Unlike other places in the Lapland (that can only be accessed by bus or car), Kiruna can be easily accessed by railway via Narvik. For those that plan to backpack around the crescent shaped Scandinavian peninsula, Kiruna can be easily added to the list of stops on your rail pass.
  • Plane: If you are in a hurry and want to skip the lower part of Sweden or Scandinavia then you’re in luck, set your flight arrival for Kiruna airport.
  • Bus: If you are on a tight budget and don’t mind a long drive, buses are the answer. Most buses are clean and are about the same quality of an American greyhound coach. Best of all they are a third or a quarter of the price of a plane or train ticket.

There’s no doubt about it, whether you plan on visiting Kiruna to sleep inside a luxurious hotel made of ice, or to witness the miraculous Northern Lights you won’t be disappointed. Kiruna offers a variety of adventures for the nature lover and city slicker alike.

Please let us know why you love Sweden’s most northern city 🙂


Zoe Green

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