Innsbruck-The Gateway To The Alps


Somewhere between a modern Austrian town, and the wild Tyrollean Alps is a piece of heaven, Innsbruck Austria, the gateway to the Alps.

As the “municipal capital” of Tirol this city, (and its strategic proximity to the Brenner Pass) have been historically important (for this reason), and has been inhabited and well guarded since the Stone Age.

As you walk along its beautiful streets, its quaint and colorful architecture will inspire your curiosity and leave you happily winding in and out of Innsbruck’s authentic pubs and gift shops seeking memories and gifts to bring home with you.

Most of all, no matter where you might find yourself in Innsbruck, the beautiful Alpine mountain chain will dominate the skyline, and gently remind  you that when compared to nature even the grandest cities are insignificant in comparison.

What can you do in Innsbruck, Austria?

Free Guided Mountain Hikes:

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One of Innsbruck’s best-kept secrets are FREE guided hikes (June-September) through its majestic Tyrollean Alps.

That’s right 100% FREE, for any visitor who has booked at least one night at a local hotel or guesthouse. This is a true once in a lifetime chance to meet like-minded travelers and embark on a cost-free European mountain adventure.

Whether you want to hike the green alpine trails, summit snow-capped mountains, or experience life at a rugged mountain shelter/hut, there is something happening here for everyone.

If you have flirted with the idea of trekking into the Alps, but can’t make heads or tails about where to start or how to do it, then begin your journey in Innsbruck and let a knowledgeable guide show you your way.

Innsbruck City:

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 “I used to believe that all cities were about the same until visiting Innsbruck

 Innsbruck is often called the “capital of the Alps”, and for good reason.

Tucked into the mountains’ between 574-2350 meters above sea level there is no place that you can hide from ever-present views of the Tyrollean Alps. Though nature is one of the most prominent features of this charming city, it also has a charming cosmopolitan feel to it too!

Enjoy walking the winding streets, take note of the charming Austrian architecture, gift shops, and watch the world go by as you sip an espresso at a charming local café.

In Innsbruck you will enjoy the luxury and culture of a modern city while at the doorstep of some of the most rugged mountains in the world.

The Golden Roof:

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“Use every moment, dance every dance, you can’t take anything with you”

A mysterious scroll found inside of the “Golden Roof” bears these words (quoted above).

Though we still do not know who the author of this scroll is, we do know that it is one of the many mysteries of Innsbruck’s medieval “Golden Roof”.

Around the year 1500 the Great Emperor Maximilian I ordered 2,657 fire gilded copper tiles (today still in original form) crafted to form the roof of the balcony (that he added) to the existing “Neuhof” palace.

“The Golden Roof” became the symbol of medieval Europe, and sparkled brightly to show that Innsbruck was the most beautiful city in the “Holy Roman Empire” at that time.

Today it is still the centerpiece and landmark of Innsbruck’s “Gothic Old Town” and is a timeless reminder of the Great Emperor Maximilian who once watched over his beautiful city from his golden balcony many years ago.

The Golden Roof Museum: Is an exciting interactive museum that tells the fascinating story of this beautiful building and its powerful Emperor. It will give you a glimpse of what every day life in a medieval town was like.

Opening Hours:


Monday-Saturday 10:00AM-5:00PM


Tuesday-Sunday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM

The Nordkette:

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The Nordkette Mountain is part of the Karwendel Nature Park, Austria’s largest nature park. Though it might seem quite remote the Nordkette can be easily reached from the center of Innsbruck, via Innsbruk’s convenient funicular. Take the funicular to the last stop, Hungerburg, and from there a cable car will carry you on the last leg of your journey, making two more stops along the way:

  1. Seegrube: At 6,250 feet above sea level, Seegrube is a nature lovers sanctuary and offers snow-covered ski slopes year round.
  2. Hefelekar: A mere 7,401 feet above sea level, Hefelekar offers a true 360 panoramic view as well as unique wildlife experiences

The Imperial Palace


Completed in the year 1500 by Emperor Maximilian I, and renovated by Maria Thresa in the 1770’s, the Imperial Palace is an important piece of history just waiting to be explored. Visitors of all ages will enjoy roaming the royal halls (solo or with an experienced guide) and become mentally transported over 500 years into the past.

Opening Hours:


Daily 9:00AM-5:00PM, Admission until 4:30PM

Wednesday: Opened till 7:00PM, Admission until 6:30PM


Somewhere between a modern Austrian town, and the wild Tyrollean Alps , is Innsbruck Austria, the gateway to the Alps. Whatever your preference there is something here for everyone.

No matter where you might find yourself in Innsbruck the beautiful and dominating Alps will dominate the skyline and your heart. Making you remember that even the grandest cities are insignificant in comparison to the forces of nature.

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