How To Pick The Best Travel Destination For You

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Its that time of year again to pack your bags and head for the  hills.

Which hills?

For some, selecting the right travel destination may be a no brainer, while others are banging their heads on the wall trying to find the best place for their family to drop a  few green dollars and have the time of their lives. For me, it’s  important that the chosen destination will be a  place that I can look back on and smile because I had that special  experience that I’ll never  forget.

The  first step is to figure out who you are and what’s important to you.

Are you one to live life  on the edge and just load your backpack and go with the wind? Are you looking for an exotic destination to have an active adventure or are you  seeking a luxurious hotel somewhere in paradise?

Whoever you are, it’s vital that you figure it out today and never look back.

I recall a few years back, myself and a friend decided that we wanted to go “somewhere”. So we packed our bags, tied our hiking boots and marched into the hiking store and asked them to direct us to the map department. The sales woman politely (and understandably) asked where we were going? My friend and I turned to each other, laughed and said that it depends  on which maps they had in stock. We ended up selecting a  map that looked the  most exciting, poked  our hitch hiking thumb in the right direction and went. That was it. Everyday of that trip we traveled with the wind and had an amazing time.

In conclusion, how does one select the perfect travel destination?

I challenge you to figure out who you are, and find the adventure that will touch your soul. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box and live your dreams.

After all the sky’s the limit!

Zoe Green

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