Copacobana Bolivia – We’ve arrived!

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After four hours of traveling, our bus finally pulled into Copacobana.

Copacabana is a small town on the Bolivian shores of Lake Titicaca.

I left the bus and walked down the steep pedestrian street.

I smiled inside in anticipation to explore this lovely town. As I walked past the local shops, store owners smiled at me as they promoted their wares. The markets were fillled with handmade sweaters, bags, miniature bamboo boats, and all sorts of crafts made of lama wool.

As I neared the bottom of the steep street, I circumvented some stray dogs and made a left onto a path that faced the lake and was lined with hotels. One particular hotel caught my eye and I decided to inquire about possible vacancies. As I entered, I was surprised to see that the lobby was clean and nicely furnished. Luckily, there was a room available for just 120.00 Bolivianos per night (about $20.00 USD).The best part was that every room came with a private shower and bath. It also had a lovely balcony overlooking the Lake!

As soon as I put my knapsack down and changed my clothes, I headed back out to find a tasty restaurant for dinner. After roaming around and going in and out of different restaurants, I finally decided to eat at a small family run Thai restaurant. There were many tasty options on the menu. After much browsing, I decided to have the dinner special, (soup, main course, and dessert) for just 35.00 Bolivianos (about $ 6.00 USD).

After dinner and a few games of pool at a local bar, I decided to return to my hotel room and call it a night. After all, I had to wake up early in order to catch the 9:30 AM ferry to the Isle Del Sole (Isle of the Sun).

Stay tuned for the Isle of the Sun….

Zoe Green

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