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I Woke Up Warm & Yellow In Miami Beach

Picture this; You’ve saved your hard-earned pennies for months so that you can go on the vacation of your dreams.

As your vacation approaches you begin to haunt popular search engines in hope of finding a miraculous deal on a luxury hotel in the prime location/s of your choice. As time presses on, the realization

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A tourist

Lost In Stockholm-Sweden

We’ve all experienced it.

Lost tourist says: “Excuse me sir, do you know where the train station is?”

Random Local says: “Keep walking straight that way until you reach the third traffic light, and then make a right.”

Lost tourist responds: “Thank you” (and proceeds to walk)

Lost tourist remains lost because he/she believes

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A Winters Day In New York City

There is something genuinely warm about a snowy winters day in New York City.

This morning I woke up, looked outside my window and smiled.

Contrary to some, I am always happy when it snows and even happier when the snow morphs into a blizzard. After all, if one dresses appropriately they

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