A Winters Day In New York City


There is something genuinely warm about a snowy winters day in New York City.

This morning I woke up, looked outside my window and smiled.

Contrary to some, I am always happy when it snows and even happier when the snow morphs into a blizzard. After all, if one dresses appropriately they can enjoy even the coldest weather 😉

At about 1:00 PM snow began to build up on my window ledge and despite the icy weather warnings I layered myself, squeezed my red Icelandic hat onto my head, and squeaked my boots out the door.

As I inhaled my first few breaths of icy air, a few large snowflakes playfully landed on my eyelashes. Laughing them away I began walking down the Upper West Side towards 72nd street and Broadway

.walking snow nyc

To an outsider, New York City can seem very “matrix like”- a concrete jungle teeming with strangers continuously rushing backwards and forwards.

As I strolled downtown I couldn’t help but notice that although many people seemed to be unhappy about the snow, they did seem more eager to talk to one another. Could it be that a few crisp snowflakes could melt the hardened facade of New Yorkers? It’s surprising to see how complete strangers felt compelled to discuss their likes or dislikes of snow with one another.

Approaching 72nd street always makes me a little nostalgic. Among the many reasons for my nostalgia, one that sticks out the most is one of my all time favorite movies,“You’ve Got Mail”, which was filmed mostly on the West 70’s & Broadway.

2015-01-26 13.15.16

After a few moments I decided to head to Trader Joes to buy some milk and perhaps enjoy a few delicious free samples. As I approached the store, I was greeted by a long line (wrapped around the block) to enter the establishment. I asked an elderly woman “ is the store giving away some free promotional items?”

She shivered, inched closer to the stores entrance, and explained to me that the store was not giving away groceries. Rather, people were flocking to the “shores of Trader Joe’s “in order to stock up for the blizzard”. I thanked her for her time and walked away, there is no justifiable reason to wait for 45 minutes in line just to get into a grocery store! I mean, it’s not like they were giving away free iPhones!

Following my conversation with the sweet elderly lady, I turned myself around and headed towards a grocery store with a shorter line that was perhaps a little closer to my hotel. Although the grocery store was packed with people who seemed to be preparing for Armageddon, everyone smiled amiably at one another and patiently waited for those with large shopping carts to squeeze through the isles.

There’s something genuinely warm about a snowy winters day in New York City. Perhaps there is something unique about snow that transforms this concrete jungle teeming with rushing strangers into a city of friends.

Zoe Green

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