10 Foods That You Should Never Go Camping Without:

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Do you love spending time in the wilderness?

Whether you are camping, hiking, biking, or climbing, you will not make it far unless you have the right foods to fill your belly.

There are many books written about people that found themselves in some far off place and survived by hunting, fishing, and foraging. Hunting, fishing, and foraging (for wild fruits & vegetables) is a great way to do a little “grocery shopping” in the wild, but these techniques should only be depended on if you are an expert with enough experience to bet your life on.

So how can you carry enough food to last you for more than a week in the wilderness?

What are the best foods for you to bring?

  1. Freeze Dried Eggs:


Packed with protein, powdered eggs are mixed with water, and fried into a tasty version of scrambled eggs that will make your mouth water after a long day of hiking.

  1. Beef/Chicken/Fish Jerkey:


Dried meats and fish has been a traveler’s delicacy throughout most of human history. In addition to being very tasty, dried meat will supply your body with much-needed protein and can be eaten on its own or cooked with other foods such as eggs and potatoes to make a creative camping stew.

  1. Powdered milk:


Powdered milk is a great addition to your morning’s coffee, cereal, eggs, or on it’s own. The best part of powdered milk is that it is light and wont spoil outside of the refrigerator. In order to pack in more vitamins into your “travelers diet” you might want to consider purchasing powdered milk that is vitamin enriched with vitamins and or extra protein.

  1. Flour:


Flour mixed with water, a drop of oil, and spices can be fried on the back of a camping pan to make delicious on the go pita bread. Hot pita bread will be a mouth-watering camping delight at any time of the day.

  1. Oatmeal:


Oatmeal is one of the most versatile and lightweight foods out there. Packed with vitamins and hot & ready in minutes (just add boiling hot water, and stir), oatmeal is a great way to jump-start your day, and energize for a life in the wild.

  1. Dehydrated Fruits/Vegetables:


Unless you are an expert at foraging for wild fruits and vegetables you will need to bring them in your pack. Fruits & vegetables are important to make sure that you are consuming enough fiber and nutrients to keep your body healthy and your digestive track in order. Dehydrated produce is lightweight, has a long shelf life, can be rehydrated and combined with almost any other food to make a delicious camping meal.

  1. Instant Mashed Potatoes:


Though not the most nutritious food on your list, instant mashed potatoes are an extremely lightweight addition to your camping menu. Just mix with a little hot water and you will have a delicious hot meal that will fill your belly add some variety to any camping menu.

8. Sugar/Salt/Spices:


It might sound like the obvious, but you’d be surprised how far a little sugar and spices will go. Remember, it’s the condiments that make food tasty and worth eating.

9. Nuts+Chocolate:


When spending many hours outdoors and being physically active, you will need a snack from time to time to keep your energy up and tide you over until you are able to make camp and prepare your next meal. Nuts and chocolate are tasty, and are filled with protein and sugar which will boost your energy and give you a tasty snack to look forward to throughout the day.

10. Soup Mix:


Light and versatile, soup mix can be cooked over a camping stove and be ready to eat in just a few minutes. There’s no better way to warm you on a chilly night around a campfire than a mug filled with hot soup.


 Whether you are camping, hiking, biking, or climbing there you will not make it far unless you have the right foods to fill your belly. Whether or not you are an experienced hunter and forager, bringing the foods listed in this article will sustain you for the duration of your trip, stay fresh, and decrease unnecessary carry weight.

Happy Trails:

Zoe Green

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